Socomec’s wide range of continuously evolving products, solutions and services, Socomec are experts in the three essential technologies that can ensure the high availability of supply to critical facilities and buildings i.e.:

uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that provide high-quality power and reduce distortion and interruptions to the mains supply due to their power storage backup,
changeover of high availability sources to transfer supply to an operational backup source,
continuous monitoring of installation facilities to prevent failures and reduce operating losses.


Socomec Netys PE

Ideal and cost-effective protection for SOHO or POS applications. Adapted to protect IT applications in home, office and retail environments. A complete range of six models to adapt the power to the equipment’s consumption or to…
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Socomec Netys PR

From 1000 to 2000 VA – Mini Tower Intelligent and reliable protection The solution for Professional and IT equipment Servers and networking devices CAD/ Graphic workstations with monitors and peripherals…
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Socomec Netys PR RT

Ideal solution for protecting small servers, networking devices and peripherals. Assures service continuity to critical applications. Designed for professional applications: the sinevawe inverter technology assures full compatibility with any kind of load and power supply. Tailored…
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Socomec PR 1U

The Socomec PR 1U is designed for professional environments, protection against power cuts and over voltage is ensured by Line Interactive technology with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). NETYS PR rack…
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Socomec Masterys GP

The Solution for data centres, telecommunications, service sector, IT Networks/ Infrastructures Energy saving + Full rated power = reduced TCO Offers the highest efficiency in the market using VFI – Double…
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Socomec Masterys GP4 RK

UPS from 10 to 40 kVA / kW Tailored protection for Edge computing. Whilst organisations are outsourcing to colocation and cloud service providers, they are also investing heavily in local…
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Socomec Masterys BC

The solution for Data centers, Telecommunications, and the service sector. A complete, cost-effective solution tailored to your environment Online double conversion mode with an output power factor of 0.9 providing 12% more active power…
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Socomec Netys RT2

Socomec Netys RT2 has online double conversion technology with sinusoidal waveform, to completely filter out all disturbances from/to the mains power supply and to ensure maximum protection of the utility.…
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Socomec Itys

The ITYS series is a range of compact UPS systems with online double conversion technology (VFI) and sinusoidal absorption. The ITYS guarantees permanent regulation of output voltage and frequency. This…
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Socomec Masterys IP+

Socomec Masterys IP+ is specially engineered to power and protect typical industrial equipments such as motors, motor speed drivers, lamps, non linear loads, welding equipments, power supplies, MASTERYS IP+ is…
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Socomec RT Vision SNMP Card

The RT VISION network adapter allows direct connection of UPS models in the NETYS RT series to the Ethernet network, thereby enabling remote management of the UPS — with protected…
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