Lightning & Surge Protection

Protect your equipment from lightning strikes

While we can’t prevent lightning from striking, we can protect your business from the impacts.

NPS can design, install and maintain a bespoke lighting protection system, and guide you through our range of options for surge protection. We can ensure that these solutions are installed with minimal disruption to your business, and that all protection solutions are compliant with Australian and International Standards, granting you peace of mind that your most valuable equipment is being protected, even from the unforeseeable.

Lightning and electrical surges can cause severe damage to your electronics and mechanical equipment. Anticipate this and avoid losing your valuable equipment and data by utilising a surge protector or power filter to mitigate the risk.

NPS can advise, provide, and install a range of surge and lighting protection equipment, including:

  • Plug-In Surge Protection
  • Hardwired Surge Protection
  • Power Filters
  • Data Line and Telecommunication Protection
  • Direct Lightning Protection

NPS’ range of partner relationships and expert team means we can build a surge and lightning protection solution to suits your circumstances, no matter how complex.

Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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