Socomec Masterys GP

Category: AC UPS Systems, Online UPS (Corporate/Large Business), Socomec

The Solution for data centres, telecommunications, service sector, IT Networks/ Infrastructures

Energy saving + Full rated power = reduced TCO

Offers the highest efficiency in the market using VFI – Double Conversion Mode, the only UPS working-mode that assures total load protection against all mains quality problems.

Ultra high efficiency output independently tested and verified by an international certification organization in a wide range of load and voltage operating conditions, to have the value in the real site conditions.

Ultra high efficiency in VFI mode is provided by an innovative topology (3-Level technology) that has been developed for all the Green Power UPS ranges.

Product Highlights

  • Up to 30 languages embedded.
  • Colour graphic display.
  • Commissioning wizard.
  • Dual input mains.
  • Internal maintenance bypass.
  • Backfeed protection: detection circuit.
  • EBS (Expert Battery System) for battery management.
  • External temperature sensor.
  • External maintenance bypass.
  • External battery cabinet.
  • Additional battery chargers.
  • Galvanic isolation transformer.
  • Parallel kit.
  • ACS synchronization system.

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