Established in 1994, NPS has grown to become the markets premier partner for designing, building and construction of customised, bespoke power protection solutions.

Our Australian and New Zealand footprint delivers prompt and reliable 360-degree service, including on-site support, face -to-face consultation and a full after sales service with maintenance back-to-back with all the major manufacturers.


NPS prides itself in our long-term relationships with our clients and are continually striving to lead by example when we come across new opportunities. The complexity of our multi-vendor relationships and experience of over 100 Years within the team places Natural Power Solutions at the forefront of providing critical infrastructure solutions to customers across all verticals.

Our services set us apart from the competition by allowing us to provide unique insights and customer-focused solutions throughout the lifecycle of our products and services by leveraging:

  • Our professional team
  • Performance-based processes
  • Client relationship management
  • Vendor agnosticism
  • Strategic mix of technology and business
  • Living & breathing critical infrastructure – it’s what we do!


We customise power protection solutions to suit your workplace, from design to installation and all the way through to preventative maintenance and servicing. We provide you with the confidence that your critical infrastructure is completely protected, allowing you to focus on what matters.