Terms and Conditions


Unless otherwise agreed by NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS PTY LTD or their affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS) and the PURCHASER in writing, the following terms and conditions of sale of goods between NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS and the PURCHASER supersede any terms or conditions which may be stipulated in the PURCHASER’s purchase order or other document not expressly agreed to in writing by NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS.


Any and all specifications referred to in NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS’ catalogue are meant only as a general guide and may be modified by NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS without prior notice at any time before or after the acceptance of the PURCHASER’s order.

Ordering Code and Product Description

All NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS products have an ordering code and product description. All orders are to clearly state the ordering code or product description to ensure accurate processing of your order.

Pricing and Quotations

Pricing is available by contacting NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS. Discounts are applicable on most products for bulk orders. NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS reserves the right to change pricing at any time unless a firm quotation has been issued. Quotations are limited to 30 days from the quotation date unless otherwise specified.

Orders and variations to an order must be received in writing.

Deliveries and Acceptance

In the event that shipment and/or delivery of the goods or any part thereof is delayed by reason of the acts or omissions of the PURCHASER and/or of its agents/contractors, the PURCHASER shall be liable to pay for all the expenses incurred by NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS in connection with the storage, transportation and maintaining of goods including but not limited to demurrage, cost of preparation for the storage and charges for extending banking or finance facilities such as inter alia, letters of credit and trust receipt facilities and insurance.

The PURCHASER shall inspect the goods on delivery and shall inform NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS within two weeks of the receipt of goods. In the event that the PURCHASER fails to act immediately, the PURCHASER is deemed to have accepted the goods and their condition.

Warranties and Repairs

The warranty period begins at the invoice date. Invoices must be retained as proof of purchase. If service is required within the warranty period a Return Authority number should be obtained from NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by corrosion, liquid spillage, leaking batteries, overloading or any deliberate or accidental abuse.

Items returned for credit must have a proper authorisation. A restocking fee of 15% will apply for ordering the wrong product. Goods returned must be in original packing. No credit will be issued after a period of 30 days.

Damaged Goods

All claims for damaged goods must be reported immediately. Do not open a package if you suspect contents may be missing or damaged. Contact NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS for advice.

Back Orders

Temporarily out of stock products will be automatically placed on backorder and customers will be notified when the goods become available. If lead times become excessive or products discontinued, we may offer substitute products of equivalent or higher value. Where substitutes are available at lower prices, we will pass the savings on to you. NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS reserves the right to vary prices and specifications without notice.

Lightning Damage

NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS products are designed to protect against sags, surges and general lightning conditions. However products such as modems, AC adaptors and PCB’s are susceptible to substantial surges caused by lightning. NPS cannot provide a 100% guarantee against lightning damage for these products.


Goods are usually dispatched by overnight road transport. The cost of freight will be added to your invoice total unless otherwise arranged. Inward freight must be paid by the sender, this includes warranty items. No stock is to be received if freight cost is charged to us. Large orders are to be organised with specific freight cost.


Credit terms can be arranged with NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS (NPS), however this will only be considered if a company has been trading with NPS on a COD basis for at least 3 months.


The way in which our products are used is completely beyond our control. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for damage or destruction, consequential or otherwise, of equipment or articles associated with or used in conjunction with our products. The protection level of our lightning and surge products is guaranteed only to their relevant specifications (and tested). We accept no responsibility for equipment connected to these products. (Though the higher the specification the higher the protection level).

Cost of Recovery / Enforcement of rights

In the event that the PURCHASER breaches any of its obligations under this contract or its duties to NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS (which shall include its employees, agents and/or contractors) whether tortuous, statutory or otherwise, the PURCHASER shall be liable to pay and/or indemnify NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS for all costs, expenses, fees and charges incurred in connection with the demand, commencement of legal action and prosecution of claims against the PURCHASER on a full indemnity basis.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The contract herein shall be subject to the laws of Australia and all its disputes, disagreement, claims and demands shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Australia.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment terms are cash on delivery. Applications for credit account will be considered after a history of trading terms. For your convenience there are several methods of payment:

  • Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard
  • Flexirent
  • Direct deposit to nominated NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS account
  • Bank cheque
  • Commercial cheque on fixed trading arrangement

Title to goods shall not pass to the PURCHASER until the amount owed is fully paid and cleared by the bank. The PURCHASER further agrees to do all things required to protect NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS’ ownership and title to the goods and not to do anything prejudicial or in any way affecting NATURAL POWER SOLUTION’s ownership and title to the goods without the written consent of NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS.

Force Majeure

NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS shall not be liable for any non-performance, or failure or delay in the performance of its obligations under the contract herein resulting from any cause beyond their reasonable control or due to compliance with any regulations, order, acts, instructions or priority request of any Government agency or any department or agency thereof, civil or military authority or due to the acts or omissions of the PURCHASER, acts of God, fires, flood or other weather conditions, strikes, factory shut downs, breakdown of plant, delay in transport, harbour congestion or detention. The receipt of goods by the PURCHASER further constitutes a waiver of any claims which the PURCHASER may have (if any) against NATURAL POWER SOLUTIONS.

Privacy Policy

We take the upmost care to ensure the privacy of our clients, please view our privacy policy for more information.