Power Protection and Management

NPS offers a wide range of vendor-agnostic products suitable for all applications – from small home offices to large data centres.

With 25 years experience, we can cover all aspects of power management, including cooling, power protection, monitoring, and enclosures, along with expert advice to guide you.

NPS are proudly agnostic, providing the supply, installation, and maintenance of UPS systems to keep your business running.

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NPS are able to supply and support a range of power management and monitoring options, ranging from relay cards, SNMP modules, and Modbus cards to environmental monitoring equipment and management software.

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Selecting the correct size, type, and configuration of precision cooling to suit your needs can be a daunting task. Improper cooling can lead to inefficient operation of your equipment, or can put it at risk of failure.

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NPS offers a range of server and communications racks suitable to all environments, from traditional offices to dusty warehouses.

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INPS can supply a range of generators to cater to your power needs, as part of a full power protection plan or as a stand alone solution.

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The correct batteries and maintenance will extend the life and performance of your UPS, saving you money and providing peace of mind.

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Fast and reliable data transfer is essential effective communication. NPS can provide a range of data and power cables to suit any of your needs, supplied from trusted manufacturers to your specifications.

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As businesses change and the world becomes a more connected place, Edge computing has become an integral part of keeping pace and storing data in a more efficient way.

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Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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