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The ITYS series is a range of compact UPS systems with online double conversion technology (VFI) and sinusoidal absorption. The ITYS guarantees permanent regulation of output voltage and frequency. This technology is compatiable with all IT and industrial applications, operating environments and when used in conjunction with a generator set.

Configuration – Tower Only

Available as – 1,000va to 20,000va

The wide tolerance of the input voltage limits the number of switchovers to battery mode, thus significantly prolonging the battery life. The automatic bypass takes over immediately in the event of overloads or faults, ensuring continuous power supply to the loads.

The solution for

  • Professional workstations
  • Server and corporate networks
  • Storage systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Security systems
  • Telecom systems


High protection and availability

  • True online double conversion technology (VFI) assures high availability and total load protection.
  • Constant output voltage and frequency regulation makes ITYS compatible with different applications, operating environments and generator sets.
  • Automatic bypass supplies the loads in the event of overloads or faults.

Robust and versatile

  • Compact tower UPS system saves space in the operating environment.
  • No particular configuration on first startup.
  • Easy connections via IEC 320 sockets or terminals.
  • Wide input voltage tolerance limits the switchovers to battery mode prolonging the battery life.
  • Manual bypass for periodic or emergency maintenance.

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