Socomec Masterys GP4 RK

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UPS from 10 to 40 kVA / kW

Tailored protection for Edge computing.

Whilst organisations are outsourcing to colocation and cloud service providers, they are also investing heavily in local Edge computing for new and evolving needs: data security, analytics, maintaining control of mission-critical applications, IoT development programmes, virtual and augmented reality experience.

5G cellular networks will increasingly rely on Edge IT technologies to enable applications such as the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and smart cities. Edge solutions can provide faster data analysis – as close as possible to the data source.

To play a part in this movement – and to achieve expected system availability – industry must transition to a new distributed architecture and invest in technologies that are wholly reliable and designed to support future evolutions.

Ultra-high reliability

  • MTBF VFI > 500.000 hours.
  • MTBF UPS > 12.000.000 hours.
  • MTTR ≈ 30 min (compared to 6 hours with current technologies).
  • Flexible run time with rack mountable hot swappable rack mount batteries
  • Lowest MTTR in the market for Monolith UPS ( 5 x Faster repair time than legacy UPS)
  • Power Factor 1 and 96.5 % efficiency in VFI mode
  • IOT ready with SO LIVE

Engineered for easy integration

  • Fits within existing 19” cabinet.
  • Lithium battery option.
  • Front access only for service in standard 19 inch rack – ideal for edge computing

Front access maintenance

  • Easy maintenance – innovative brick swap architecture.
  • Power brick replacement without rack disconnection.
  • Safe guided fixing procedure.
  • Minimized risk of human error.

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