Socomec Netys RT2

Category: AC UPS Systems, Online UPS (Corporate/Large Business), Socomec

Socomec Netys RT2 has online double conversion technology with sinusoidal waveform, to completely filter out all disturbances from/to the mains power supply and to ensure maximum protection of the utility.

  • Optional battery extension modules (BEM) to meet all back-up time requirements, even after installation
  • Modular battery extension (BEM) to meet all back-up time requirements, even after installation
  • Possibility of 1+1 parallel redundant configuration to maximise the availability of critical utilities, even in the event of a module breakdown.

The wide tolerance of the input voltage limits the number of switchovers to battery mode, thus significantly prolonging the battery life. The automatic bypass takes over immediately in the event of overloads or faults, ensuring continuous power supply to the loads.

Configuration – Tower or Rack Mounted

Available as – 1,100va to 11,000va

Product Highlights

  • Applications – PSwitching, Storage, Servers and networking devices, VoIP communication systems, Structured cabling systems, Control systems, Video surveillance systems.
  • Online Double Conversion VFI with input PFC and automatic bypass Designed with 6 x 10A + 1 x 16A output sockets
  • RS232 & USB communication ports (free software via Internet), COMM Slot, EPO (Emergency Power Off) input (RJ11), Modem ADSL surge protection, Battery Extension connector, Slot for optional Communication board
  • Data line protection NTP data line suppressor: RJ45 10 Base T, SB port and HID protocol for direct inferfacing with Windows systems, without the need for additional specialist software.
  • Internal batteries connected and fully charged.
  • No special plant preparation required as they have built in magneto-thermal protection.
  • Battery health can be checked either via the control panel or using a remote PC.

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