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The technological demands on the communications sector are immense, a power disruption and its impact on live broadcasting across any platform would be a disaster.

Production companies have a huge reliance on fast-in, fast-out critical digital infrastructure, likewise, the media and telecommunications sectors who offer 24/7 year round news and entertainment have the same expectations on their power and its reliability.

NPS specialise in scalable cost effective solutions and offer fit-for-purpose, modular design, turn key solutions. We understand an environment with audio and cooling levels monitored and controlled is essential for the communications sector.

Case Studies

Micro DC Solution – A Data Centre Case Study

Natural Power Solutions’ mission is to identify, solve and implement solutions for our customers to protect their business from power problems. The story below is an example of our mission…

Siding Springs Observatory

NPS has worked extensively with Siding Springs and associated Telescopes. NPS supplied and installed an EATON DC UPS system along with multiple large AC UPS systems to provide back up…

Wests Ashfield League Club

The Wests Ashfield Leagues Club, located in the inner west of Sydney, is a multi purpose entertainment venue dedicated to the delivery of excellence in hospitality and gaming services to…

SEN Radio

SEN is a sports talk radio station owned by PacificStar Network, a public company. SEN covers a wide range of sports, 24 hours a day, including live broadcasts of AFL,…

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Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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