Wests Ashfield League Club

The Wests Ashfield Leagues Club, located in the inner west of Sydney, is a multi purpose entertainment venue dedicated to the delivery of excellence in hospitality and gaming services to it’s members and guests.

Business Need

Wests Ashfield Leagues had an extensive fleet of smaller, disparate UPS devices varying in age from 1 to 10 years. There was no formal tracking mechanism for battery life and as such the reliability of the devices was questionable. In fact, some of the devices were failing on occasion for no apparent reason, resulting in the cessation of key services. Also, the ongoing fluctuation of the utility power supply was causing the majority of the devices to constantly switch to and from battery.

How NPS Helped

NPS consulted with Wests Ashfield Leagues to design a fully redundant, centralised UPS solution that would provide an uninterruptible supply of power for the essential IT and communication systems throughout the club. The solution was based on two Powerware 9355 20KVa On-line UPS’ supported by an onsite generator. The UPS battery time required was minimal as the generator could provide full coverage within five minutes. It was critical however that the UPS’ could handle the power issues created by the generator.

The project was carefully planned prior to installation so that the club was able to operate without disruption to any services throughout the installation process, until it was required at the final cutover. NPS managed all aspects of the project including scoping, procurement, installation and inception as well as ongoing support and training.


With a guaranteed power supply in the form of a redundant solution, Wests Ashfield Leagues is confident that it will no longer suffer from the power issues that previously haunted them. Furthermore, the IT team now receives regular status updates from the UPS’ via email and SMS so that immediate action can be taken should a problem arise.

“NPS understood our requirements and worked with us to develop a mutually desirable solution whilst taking into consideration our time, spatial and financial requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending NPS to any organisation wishing to review their UPS requirements. Furthermore should anyone wish to inspect our installation, I am more than happy to assist.”

Regan Stathers, Information Technology Manager, Wests Ashfield Leagues Club

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