Monash Health Covid 19 Mass Vaccination Centres

Monash Health needed a power protection solution for their Mass Vaccination centres. They needed a portable solution, providing 4 – 5 hours of Battery Autonomy, should they experience a power failure.
Antony Nikolaidis (NPS’s BDM – Victoria) designed an all-in-one cabinet solution that serviced three vaccine fridges for the AZ. Plus, he designed a medical-grade stability freezer for the Pfizer vaccine.
This Consisted of:
  • An Eaton 9PX rack mounted UPS with a single extended battery module per UPS;
  • A maintenance bypass/power distribution switch contained in a single 18RU high communications cabinet;
  • And an Industrial network interface card to provide alerts to their monitoring system.
Our design to rack and stack the UPS, battery and pre-cable the cabinet meant we had a solution available for rapid deployment.
“The ability to simply wheel it into position ready to connect and protect the fridges was the ideal solution and one that is now being duplicated through all three Mass Vaccination hubs owned and run by Monash Health”, explains Antony.
The three hubs are located in:
  • Cranbourne Turf Club.
  • Sandown Racecourse.
  • Monash University Campus at Clayton (Soon to be open to the public).


Monash Health covid

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