Micro DC Solution – A Data Centre Case Study

Natural Power Solutions’ mission is to identify, solve and implement solutions for our customers to protect their business from power problems. The story below is an example of our mission being put to action by Alex Halikias, our BDM, Melbourne.

The Plan
A traditional server room consisting of a gas and fire suppression system, CRAC units, and raised floors. The new room would also involve knocking down walls, sealing off the room, removing an old cooling system, electrical points, and installation of fire-rated plaster.

Identify The Problem
A five and half week deadline meant the traditional room was heading over budget. If they were even one-day late on exiting their old premises, they would be responsible for further rent commitments.

Solve the problem
After discussion with several vendors and the added pressure of working over the Christmas break, Alex decided a Micro DC solution would be the best fit with no need for a designated server room or expensive fit-out.

Implement the solution
He approached Gahne at Rittal who assisted with 2 x 48RU integrated racks that incorporate their own fire and gas suppression systems and power and cooling requirements that have their own built-in condensers.

The January 19 deadline was met and the cost was almost a third of the price of the originally proposed fit-out. With the added benefit of a flexible ‘unplug and move’ environment, the Micro DC solutions are easily transportable.

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