The Epping Club

The Epping Club has a long and prestigious history in Epping starting back in 1919, when local Ex-Servicemen from World War 1 formed a small social Club in the Epping region.

Established as a licence Club in August 1957 and the Epping R.S.L Club (Sub-branch) was born as a separate entity.  At its new premises the Club prospered and widened its membership to include local citizens with no connection to the Armed Services.

In 1985, the name was changed to Epping R.S.L (Sub-branch) and Community Club Limited, to reflect the diversity of the membership. To meet the need of the growing membership, the Club acquired land to build a new Clubhouse.

The Epping Club contacted NPS and expressed a need for greater back up time on a larger system load, which their previous Eaton 20Kva UPS system could not support.

After meeting with the key staff involved and performing a site visit, NPS analysed the Club’s recently expanded system and lack of surge protection, they devised two complete solutions;

  1. An ingenious Parallel UPS System containing two Eaton Powerware 9355 30Kva’s with two battery Modules to ensure complete back up power even from UPS failure itself. By paralleling the UPS systems they are able to switch the load from one UPS to another when the load is greater than 49%, this ensures 100% coverage of mains power failure.
  2. A complete Surge Filtering and Diversion system from point of entry on the main switch board to several internal Filters protecting the individual sections of the Club. These systems create several checkpoints in which a surge or transient can be trapped and diffused before it reaches the sensitive equipment.

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