Siemens Pyrotronics Fire Protection

Siemens Pyrotronics Fire Protection is a unit of German-based global conglomerate Siemens, and markets fire detection and prevention systems in Australia.

Business Need

Siemens Pyrotronics was experiencing a problem with a rack mount UPS, which was constantly “falling over” and not holding up the server network. This was creating rebooting problems for the company’s entire network, resulting in significant downtime problems. The UPS was also not holding charge.

How NPS Addressed Need

After an initial investigation, NPS identified a problem with the input and output power supply, which fluctuated dramatically over a 72 hour period.

Some of the power had dropped to a low of 164V and had gone as high as 261V within ten minute intervals, and the existing UPS could not cope with the power extremes.

The problem was running down the existing battery, and with a full recharge taking approximately eight hours, the UPS could not recover its charge level.


Siemens still has power fluctuations but the capabilities of the new UPS – 160VA low and 276VA high – offer better protection. Siemens is now equipped to cope with the power extremes, and there is no interruption to the smooth operation of its business.

Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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