Robertson Chickens

Robertson Chickens is a family owned and operated poultry production company based in New South Wales. Robertson Chickens also has operations throughout  regional Australia that are subject to very poor quality mains power supply.

Business Need

Several of the regional sites were experiencing frequent brownouts, spikes, electrical noise and surges which have corrupted workstations and effected critical rack communications equipment.

How NPS Helped

NPS was engaged to solve the power problems at each site. NPS implemented a number of Emerson Liebert 2kVA Rack Mounted UPS systems to provide regulated, clean power output to the connected equipment. These UPS were supplied with Web/SNMP Cards to enable Robertson Chickens’ IT department to remotely monitor and manage each UPS.

Additionally, each UPS had a Powersmart PM10i Industrial 3 Stage Surge Power Filter installed between the mains power supply and the UPS to provide upstream protection against surges, spikes and electrical noise. This is commonly known as “cascaded surge protection”.

Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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