Queensland Department of Emergency Services

Queensland’s Department of Emergency Services is unique in Australia. The agency provides services covering all phases of emergency and disaster management – prevention, preparedness, response and recovery delivered by fire, ambulance and counter disaster and rescue services across a single portfolio.

The Emergency Services portfolio employs more than 7,700 full-time and part-time employees and is supported by more than 85,000 volunteers across Queensland.

Business Need

Extensive damage recorded to mobile communications vehicle equipment technology equipment and PC power supplies. This was through the lightning and storm damage that is common throughout South East Queensland.

How NPS Helped

Initially NPS visited the site and completed a power audit. The power audit identified surge issues and hence a Powerware surge reduction filter was fitted. It was then noted that a long – term generator was required for long power outages this was also installed. The power audit highlighted irregular power issues (spikes, transients and power brownouts), which enabled NPS to select the correct power protection product for the problem.


The emergency services on seeing the professional approach taken by NPS have been using the products and services that are available. Mainly UPS systems, rectifiers, generators and surge/lightning protection throughout the Queensland area.

Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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