Philips Medical contacted NPS to assist with power problems occurring at major hospitals around Australia. Power faults had caused significant damage to sensitive hospital equipment worth up to $300K and resulted in considerable repair costs. Philips Medical were faced with the challenge that as they did not own the equipment, therefore they were not in a position to protect the incoming power supply or the equipment.


NPS realised that a low cost, portable filter was critical and suggested the Powersmart Pro filter. This filter can easily be plugged into any mains supply and is priced under AUD$150. The Powersmart Pro is also the highest rated four-way filter (47 Ka–1380 Joules) in the Australian market – making it leading edge technology.


Philips Medical are fully protected from power problems with the installation of Powersmart Pro filters in each of its hospital locations across Australia.

Since installation, there has been no damage to equipment or cost incurred as a result of power problems.

NPS continues to offer on-going advice and support to Philips Medical staff and is proud to be a preferred supplier.

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