Pfizer is one of the world’s best known pharmaceutical brands, and the company discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets prescription medicines for people and animals in more than 150 countries.

Pfizer has three business segments: health care, animal care and consumer health care.

Business Need

Pfizer was implementing a business continuity plan at its main Australian facility, which is located in a heavy industrial zone subject to power fluctuations. The facility includes an important medical testing laboratory which is part of Pfizer’s research and development effort.

How NPS Helped

Pfizer asked NPS to implement a failsafe system in case of power disturbances or a complete loss of power.

NPS installed a Powerware 3- phase 20KVA UPS system to provide battery backup in case of power failure.

NPS also implemented a hardwired surge/lightning filter which delivered a clean supply to the actual UPS system.

The UPS was set up with SNMP for remote management by IT staff. This enabled the staff to check and manage the UPS, even though it is housed in an unmanned switchroom.


Pfizer can operate its facility with the knowledge that the NPS solution will protect its medical equipment and deliver uninterrupted continuity in the event of power failure or fluctuation.

Maintenance Bypass installed for preventive maintenance capability to the UPS.

Industry Solutions

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