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A surge is a transient electrical fluctuation that happens in a fraction of a second and can cause serious damage to electronic and electro mechanical equipment.

They can be caused by lightning strikes and local power utility company “spikes” which can enter your business or home through the electrical system ie. cable television, telephone wiring etc and attack any electrical equipment attached to them.
Softwired Data Line Protection
Lightning and over-voltage transients are responsible for millions of dollars of damage each year affecting a wide cross section of industries.

Telecommunications sites are particularly vulnerable to the dangerous effects of lightning.

Many telecommunication installations consist of tall slender towers situated in elevated areas such as hill and mountain tops in regional areas and throughout metropolitan areas such installations can be found at the tops of tall buildings.

There is no single solution which can eliminate the risks associated with lightning induced energy.

It is through the use of an all encompassing approach such as the LPI 4 Step Approach to Lightning Protection which assists in significantly reducing the risks presented by the natural occurrence of lightning to a typical telecommunications site.


LPI CCTV Circuit Protector

LPI C75-BNC90 coaxial surge protector is designed to protect electronic equipment and components against transients on 75 ohm coaxial cables. The unit is comprised of a rugged leadless gas tube housed…
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LPI TLP-K10 Series Protection Module

The LPI TLP-K10 is a multistage protection module designed for the protection of analogue telephone and data circuits against transient over-voltages caused by lightning, induced impulses and other voltage surges.…
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LPI RF Coaxial Cable

LPI® RF ranges coaxial surge protectors are designed to protect radio transmitters, receivers, high frequency LANs and all high frequency cable systems against transient over voltages due to direct, indirect…
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LPI Local Area Network Protector

LPI™ LAN-RJ45-CAT6 offers effective protection against transient overvoltage’s to protect against data corruption and system failures on cables linking workstations and file servers. The simple plug-in design provides Earth Potential…
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