LPI TLP-K10 Series Protection Module

Category: Data Line & Telecommunications, Lightning & Surge Protection

The LPI TLP-K10 is a multistage protection module designed for the protection of analogue telephone and data circuits against transient over-voltages caused by lightning, induced impulses and other voltage surges.

Traditional shunt-connected gas filled arresters by themselves can no longer provide adequate or required protection for sensitive line cards or newer generation digital switching systems.

The TLP-K10 contains ten line protection circuits on a single PCB.
Each circuit consists of a primary three terminal gas filled arrester followed by a secondary transient clamping circuit.

Product Highlights:

  • Telephone and Data Line protection
  • Multistage/Over voltage protection
  • Plugs directly into Krone disconnect block
  • Available 9/25 pin configuration
  • 10 Line and single line protected.

LPI TLP-K10 Series Protection Module quantity

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