LPI RF Coaxial Cable

Category: Data Line & Telecommunications, Lightning & Surge Protection

LPI® RF ranges coaxial surge protectors are designed to protect radio transmitters, receivers, high frequency LANs and all high frequency cable systems against transient over voltages due to direct, indirect lightning strikes and earth potential rise caused by lightning.

The LPI® RF ranges of coaxial protectors consists of a fast acting gas filled arrester enclosed in an in-line mounting with coaxial connectors on either end.

The device is configured to minimise circuit capacitance and present a 50 ohms characteristic impedance to assure performance up to 3 GHz. Standard models provide protection for receivers and transmitters up to 50W RF power level. Models for higher power levels are readily available.

Product Highlights:

  • For protection against transients on coaxial antenna cables
  • Single plug-in installation
  • High Impulse ratings
  • 20 KA 8/20 u/s
  • Characteristic impedance 50 ohms and 75 ohms where applicable

LPI RF Coaxial Cable quantity

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