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The Knurr Miracel® is a truly multitalented innovation: the platform technology is the starting point for a versatile range of rack, which has already been setting recognised standards as the solution for the most diverse customer requirements.

Easy dismantling and practical mounting are just some of the features of the Knurr Miracel®, with the highest possible degree of stability combined with a low own attribute weight. The optimum prerequisites for such a IT solution are provided for by the extensive accessories range for that rack, especially for the thermal and cable management, among other installations.

Several hundred patents and certificates highlight the inventive spirit at Knurr even more. Already at the preliminary stage of each project, we provide support for the customers: By simulating the mechanical stresses, the heat distribution and dissipation, the course is set from the outset with the definition of the best system.

The 19“ enclosure platforms of Knurr provide a complete solution concept which facilitates central and operation-reliable monitoring in the areas of control an regulation using a highly differentiated indicator procedure. This is implemented in order to protect and support IT systems, to prevent costly hardware and/or software downtime and damage.

Knurr Miracel® 19“ rack protect and support IT installations and assure the continuity of your business!

Key Benefits

  • Modular construction
    Frame profile offers multiple and flexible mounting of accessories.
  • Cable management
    A complete cable management system, plus an extensive range of accessory components.
  • Thermal management
    Fully perforated doors, with 83% open area – far exceeding server OEM requirements for effective heat dissipation plus highly effective rear door mounted fan for spot cooling.
  • Server rails
    Server rails guarantee easy mounting of 19” servers of all manufacturers plus Knurr accessories with special adapter on selected positions.
  • Multifunctional roof
    Roof prepared for cable entry or additional active ventilation.

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