SafeWell SSG Series

Category: Racks & Enclosures

Strong, high quality racks, built for commercial grade data centres.

24U, 42U and 48U sizes

Safewell Server Racks provide for cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring for application in IT environments.

  • Perforated doors for massive front-to-rear airflow over 78%.
  • Tool-less mounting slots for Vertical PDUs and Cable Managers.
  • Rolling Load capacity up to 1050 kg.
  • Stationary Load Capacity up to 1333 Kg.
  • Standard, or Deep, or Wide, or Deep & Wide models at your choice.

Safewell’s SSG series server rack is the ultimate solution designed and engineered for demanding data center environments. To achieve optimum versatility within the server rack, users can set multiple depths throughout the rack with adjustable 19” mounting rails mounted on heavy duty side supports. Horizontally divided side panels provide ease of access and convenient post-installation maintenance. Over 78% perforations on front and rear door enable optimum airflow within the rack.


Reversible Front Door

Due to the unique front door lock design, whether you’d like to open the door from left or right, you just need to reverse the front door instead of adjusting the direction of lock.

Ideal for High-Density Data Centres

Heavy-duty SSG series server racks hold up to 1050 kg and support advanced cooling, cable management, power distribution and monitoring features that keep critical servers and network equipment operating nonstop. Perforated doors permit massive front-to-rear airflow that exceeds server manufacturer requirements. SSG series server racks are fully compatible with hot-aisle / cold-aisle data center configurations. Airflow optimization accessories prevent air recirculation that compromises cooling efficiency.

Built for Your Convenience

With a design streamlined by years of customer feedback and IT best practices, SSG series Server racks make your job easier. Enclosures ship fully assembled for rapid deployment and roll into place on heavy-duty casters. Toolless mounting slots allow quick installation of PDUs and vertical cable managers. Adjustable mounting rails include an easy-view depth index to eliminate time consuming measurements. Lightweight modular doors and side panels provide safe, convenient service access. Integrated baying tabs facilitate combining enclosures in rows for standard data center baying applications.

Wide Range of Models

About 20 popular sizes can be selected and can be used with almost all Safewell’s rack accessories from cable management, cooling fan, PDU, etc.

SafeWell SSG Series quantity

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