Why Partner with NPS for your UPS Power and Cooling?


NPS has significant signed vendor partnership agreements to provide a best solution for your critical power and cooling requirements.

  1. UPS Power Systems comprising of Single or Multiple systems for Ultimate Power Protection
  2. Emergency Power Generators of single or multiple Power Systems to share the load
  3. Air Conditioning Systems – State of the Art – High Efficiency with low Power Usage
  4. Basic & Intelligent Power Distribution
  5. Fire Suppression Systems
  6. Lighting, Cabinets, Racking for indoor/Outdoor applications
  7. Remote Monitoring and Remote Control of IT
  8. Temporary Data Centres
  9. Scalable Data centre / Comms Rooms
  10. Multi-Vendor Back -to-Back Preventative Maintenance Contracts with Asset management.

NPS partnering with the best global UPS and Cooling.