Vertiv Liebert IntelliSlot Relay Interface Card

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Liebert Intellislot Relay Interface Card provides contact closures for remote monitoring of alarm conditions of Liebert UPS systems equipped with an Intellislot communication port. Proactive data center monitoring is provided by On Battery, On Bypass, Low Battery, Summary Alarm, UPS Fault and On UPS signals to relay contact monitoring systems. The card is user-installable and hot-swappable.

Liebert Intellislot Relay Interface Card supports UPS systems equipped with the Liebert Intellislot communication port . The card provides Form C contact closure output from the UPS for external systems to monitor On Battery, Low Battery, On Bypass (on-line UPS unit only), and On UPS (on-line UPS units only) alarm conditions. The card supports 24VAC/DC applications up to 1A.


  • Relay interface card for Liebert UPS
  • Allows hot-swappable user-installation in Intellislot communication port
  • Communicates with Liebert MultiLink automated shutdown software



  • Easy to integrate with other relay contact monitoring systems.

Higher Availability

  • The RS-232 port on the UPS remains active with the card installed, allowing more sophisticated monitoring with Liebert MultiLink® software.
  • The inverter shut-off command can be controlled from the computer directly connected to the UPS (via the factory-installed DB9 connector) and will conserve battery power after workstation shutdown is completed.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • The card is user-installable and hot-swappable, for faster installation by on-site personnel.

Ideally Suited For

  • Liebert NX on-line UPS
  • Liebert Nfinity on-line UPS
  • Liebert GXT on-line UPS
  • Liebert PSI line-interactive UPS

Vertiv Liebert IntelliSlot Relay Interface Card quantity

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