Vertiv Liebert GXT4 700VA – 3kVA UPS

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Increases in data center density require reliable and high performance power systems for maximum availability. In the area of critical power, organization require a dynamic power solution that gives the flexibility while lowering total cost of ownership.

Introducing the Liebert® GXT4, a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to connected equipment with no interruption when transferring to battery. It protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances caused by blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

For robust UPS protection up to 3kVA, the Liebert GXT4 UPS provides industry leading features in a compact design: 

  • Active Eco-Mode delivers best-in-class efficiency of up to 97% without compromising availability​
  • Two Programmable Outlets: can be programmed for load shedding and sequential restart if the UPS is in overload or when selected backup time remains
  • User replaceable, hotswappable batteries „„
  • On-line design means zero transfer time. When utility power fails, your critical load remains supported by a seamless flow of power
  • Array of value added accessories bundled with standard unit
  • Automatic Frequency Sensing: the UPS automatically adjusts to the input frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Mounting Flexibility: rack rails and tower supports included
  • Intelligent Communications: DCIM and BMS ready

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Vertiv Liebert GXT4 700VA – 3kVA UPS quantity

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