Vertiv GXT3 10kVA Rack/Tower UPS

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Liebert GXT3 UPS meets the need for higher power capacities in small spaces. This true on-line double conversion UPS system is available in 5kVA to 10kVA models, and features integrated maintenance bypass, as well as optional extended battery runtime.

Designed for use in either rack or tower configurations, all units offer the smallest available solutions for these power capacities — the 5 & 6kVA model at 230V output in 5U size, or the 10kVA unit 230V output in a 6U package.

Liebert GXT3 UPS offers a variety of communications options to provice the monitoring and control capabilities demanded by today’s network computing systems.

Operation can be monitored using:
  • Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card provides SNMP and web-based monitoring and control of your UPS.
  • Liebert MultiLinkTM Automated System Shutdown Software
  • Liebert NformTM Monitoring System
  • Liebert Universal Monitor And Remote Power Monitor Panels
  • Third-Party Monitoring Systems
Typical Applications

Data Centers, Network Computers, VoIP, Network Closets, Servers, Large Network Peripherals, Network Storage Devices.

Configuration: Rack or Tower

Available as: 700VA-10,000VA

Product Highlights
  • On-line design means zero transfer time from external to internal power. When utility power fails, your critical load remains supported by a seamless flow of power.
  • Liebert GXT3 rated output power factor of 0.9 better matches up with switch-mode power supplies used in today’s IT equipment. A higher output power factor allows for a more efficient utilization of the UPS.
  • The UPS provides easy serviceability with user replaceable hot-swappable batteries.
  • For maximum control, Liebert GXT3 is custom configurable to your needs using a specially designed Windows software package.

Vertiv GXT3 10kVA Rack/Tower UPS quantity

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