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Intelligent Air Flow Control for more Efficiency in Rack Cooling

CyberRow is an advanced precision A/C unit, which is tailormade for the targeted cooling of racks. In the CyberRow, innovative air conduction has been enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, which enhances the performance, flexibility and efficiency. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing server technology – these are some of the tricky situations in everyday practice that the CyberRow has been specially developed to deal with.

CyberRow is a standalone A/C unit and is installed and operated independently from the rack. This complete separation of the rack and the A/C unit increases reliability and provides greater freedom for designing the layout in the data center.

STULZ CyberRow rack cooling systems are suitable for hot-aisle and cold-aisle capture in open and contained spaces.

CyberRow is available with 6 sizes and 4 different cooling systems:

  • CW-System (chilled water cooling),
  • A/AS-System (direct expansion),
  • GS-System (direct expansion and plate condenser) and
  • GES-System (direct expansion with indirect free cooling).


  • Independent of rack manufacturer
  • Targeted cooling of high-density racks
  • For Data Centers with and without raised floors
  • Front and rear service access
  • RS485 connectivity to standard BMS systems
  • Zigzag G4 filter with metal frame
  • Powder-coated housing with doors on front and rear sides
  • Standard with pre-cut openings for water connections top and bottom
  • No direct cable or refrigerant connections are required between the rack and the A/C unit, allowing greater flexibility for installation in the data center
  • Pivoting E-box (for service and maintenance)

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