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Data Center Efficiency Management Platform

SmartAisle™ is a platform of technologies designed to optimize the efficient, design and operation of your data center infrastructure.

With SmartAisle, uniform temperature ensures effective cooling, and provides consistently hot return air for more effective precision cooling system performance. Without aisle containment, hot and cold air mix in both the hot and cold aisles, making teh cooling system less effective and less energy efficient.

Features & Benefits

Optimize Cooling System Efficiency

  • 30+% efficiency increase
  • Continuous dynamic adaptation to load
  • Less fan power per kW cooling

Eliminate Hot/Cold Air Mixing

  • Uniform and predictable temperature to all IT equipment
  • Integrate the cooling unit air flow delivery with the IT equipment requirements

Increase Space Efficiency

  • 30+% increase in IT equipment density
  • Up to 12kW/rack with room cooling
  • Up to 30kW/rack with localized cooling

Increase Capacity

  • 25+% increase in available cooling capacity
  • Extend capacity of existing precision cooling system

Allow Easy Retrofit

  • In many cases, no requirement to replace existing raised floor cooling infrastructure
  • Components fit through standard doorways
  • Fits existing Knurr racks

Leverage Redundancy/Availability

  • Utilize existing cooling redundancy of raised floor air distribution and high availability cooling infrastructure
  • Retrofit existing racks with SmartAisle

Provide Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Payback within a few months to less than 2 years
  • Low initial investment

SmartAisle is Ideally Suited For:

  • Hot aisle/cold aisle applications
  • Raised floor data centers with room cooling
  • Non-raised fl oor data centers using row-based precision cooling systems such as Liebert CRV or Liebert XD
  • Retrofit to existing racks

Configure SmartAisle to maximize energy efficiency and system availability:

  • Liebert iCOM control
  • Temperature and Airflow sensors
  • Knurr Rack cabinets
  • Plexiglass roof panel system / containment curtain
  • Sealed entry doors

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