LPI Spark Gap Power Protection Module in Enclosure

Category: Hardwired Surge & Power Filters, Lightning & Surge Protection

The LPI Power Protection Module is a power line shunt surge protection device housed in a metal enclosure. The LPI Power Protection Modules comes in 2 ranges: 1 Phase and 3 Phase. Each has Class I surge protection rated for 50kA 10/350μs, 135kA 8/20μs between P-N, and 100kA 10/350μs, 150kA 8/20μs between N-E.

The unit is designed for mounting at main power switchboards and distribution boards in LP Zones 0 and 1 location as per IEC 62340.

The unit is supplied with IEC 61643 Class I Spark Gap Surge Diverters which provide the most effective surge protection with low let through voltage.

Product Highlights

  • High performance surge protector for an operating voltage of 220 – 240Vac
  • Nominal impulse discharge current Ph-N 50kA 10/350μs, 135kA 8/20μs / Single Mode
  • Shunt protection in a metal enclosure

LPI Spark Gap Power Protection Module in Enclosure quantity

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