Liebert® RDU-A G2

Category: Power Distribution Units, Vertiv

The Liebert® RDU-A G2 is an infrastructure management solution from Vertiv that allows data center administrators to manage environmental conditions i.e. temperature and humidity, leak, smoke, vibrations and digital inputs and outputs. It is also capable of monitoring infrastructure appliances such as UPS, precision cooling units, generator sets and etc. The Liebert®RDU-A G2 is equipped with a built-in web server, eliminating the need to perform a software installation.

The Liebert® RDU-A G2 allows data center managers to perform the following operations through a secure web page:
  • Monitoring of the health and status of the equipment
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions i.e. temperature and humidity, leak and smoke.
  • Monitor the improved communication speed in transmitting control or commands to the equipment and parameter setting
  • Records Data and Logs of historical information of alarms and notifications
3rd Party Communications:
  • SNMP
  • Modbus 485
  • Dry contacts
  • Analog Signals

Liebert® RDU-A G2 quantity

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