Liebert ITA2

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Custom Power Solutions with Three-Phase UPS ITA2

In today’s dynamic world, you cannot afford downtime in your critical system or waste time recovering these systems after a disruption. What you need is a robust, high-speed, reliable UPS system, which offers 24/7 protection to diverse application needs.

For three-phase critical systems under 20kVA, consider the Liebert ITA2 UPS. It stabilizes power to protect systems and data. Professionals can define the feature set they need to meet their IT performance goals.

This ‘off the shelf’ UPS was Launched in early 2018, with current limited availability you would be wise to get your orders in fast.

Flexible, Reliable and Functional, the Liebert ITA2 online UPS compliments a space-saving design to meet your power quality requirement. Multiple specs are available to provide specific runtimes, distribution and availability requirements

Key Benefits

  • Flexible placement. Use inside a rack or in a tower configuration
  • Compact, high power density
  • High power factor maximizes the usable power
  • Operates efficiently to save energy
  • Optimized maintenance bypass maintains power, even during servicing (optional)
  • Extended battery runtimes (optional)
  • Flexible, easy to configure power distribution

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Not only does this system allow for high uptime IT environments, it meets the needs of many other applications, i.e. Medical. Industrial and Security.

NPS have been delivering UPS systems and providing power protections services for over 20 years. Let the experts professionally install your system.

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