Liebert® DM™

Category: Computer Room Cooling, Small Room Cooling, Vertiv

Liebert® DM™ variants:

Air-Cooled 7.5kW & 12.5kW capacity

The Liebert® DM™ is ideally suited for:

  • Small and medium-sized computer rooms
  • UPS and battery rooms
  • Outdoor electronic and communication equipment rooms
  • Transformer stations, substation
  • Storage rooms

Features & Benefits

Energy saving

  • High sensible heat ratio and high energy efficiency
  • Equipped with Copeland Scroll Compressors
  • Provides stable temperature and humidity condition
  • Fans for outdoor units feature easy to access full range speed regulation
  • Manageable and unique ECO-Mode option
  • Energy saving component options

Space Saving

  • Small footprint – 100% front door access

User-Friendly and Maintenance-Free

  • Large screen display with multi-level password protection and expert fault-diagnosis functions
  • Automatic startup on power and scheduled startup also available
  • Standard Rs485 Monitoring Interface
  • Equipped with alarm for Irregularities on blast reduction, fan failure and filter clogging
  • Email and SMS notification (thru the Liebert® RDU™ ) for remote monitoring functions

Highly adaptive

  • 24/7 operation capable
  • Ultra wide input voltage range: multiple power protection functions
  • Environment adaptability: adoption to outdoor temperature while meeting cooling requirements
  • Adaptive to heat dissipation of the main equipment

Liebert® DM™ quantity

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