Eaton Switched ePDUs

Category: Eaton, Power Distribution Units

Eaton Switched ePDU give control to the Data Centre manager – the ability to remotely shut off or restart equipment, and ensure that it starts up in the correct sequence with the correct delays, together with an overall monitoring for load balancing and overall load information.


  • Switching: on, off and reboot control of individual outlets, together with cycling and sequencing of outlets and branch circuits
  • Monitoring: Highly accurate monitoring of the ePDU as a whole for V, W, A and kWhr (1% accuracy above 2A). Also monitor temperature and humidity in the rack via optional sensors
  • Control: Monitor over Ethernet or via Advanced LCD screen on the unit, control via Ethernet. Communication protocols include HTTP / HTTPS, DHCP, SNMP v1 and v3, SNTP, SMTP, Telnet, IPv4 & IPv6.
  • Designed to fit in any standard 42U IT rack
  • Designed to provide reliable, consistent power distribution in temperatures of up to 50°C

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