Eaton In-Line Monitored ePDU

Category: Eaton, Power Distribution Units

In-line Monitored ePDU are designed for new Data Centre or for retrofitting to upgrade existing infrastructure that doesn’t already provide power metering. In-line monitored ePDUs provide accurate single and dual fed local and remote monitoring solutions.


  • Monitoring: monitor current in-line with no break to upgrade existing Basic infrastructure.
  • Control: Monitor and measure remotely over Ethernet or via LED interface on the unit.
  • No down-time: retro fit to existing equipment with A&B feed while live and without downtime.
  • Available in 16A & 32A, single & dual circuits
  • 19” horizontal mounting or 0U vertical mounting
  • Single or Dual fed – allows A and B feeds to be monitored
  • Simple to add to A and B feeds without any downtime
  • Fuse-less and breaker-less design: no inline break
  • Isolation mounting to provide maximum enclosure integrity
  • Multi-option mounting improves installation flexibility. Have confidence that in-line Monitored ePDUs can be adapted to suit any on-site rack configuration

Eaton In-Line Monitored ePDU quantity

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