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Key features:

  • DRU is ideal for industrial automation, robotic and multimedia totem
  • It guarantees a high reliability and ensure maximum autonomy and long life to batteries
  • It is equipped with simple and fast connection, suitable with the requirements of the installation environment
  • It is possible to increase its resistance to hostile atmospheres thanks to the tropicalization treatments
  • Thanks to the fixing with DIN guide and to serial interfaces, it is particularly indicated for home installation and automation
  • It can be controlled by a simple REMOTE on / off command


The DRU model is a safety device powered with step-wave batteries, which can provide maximum protection from network disturbances in industrial environments or in automation.

It is equipped with appropriate filters, effective in protecting your equipment from network problems.

It is designed to keep at minimum the use of batteries. This has a double benefit: maximum autonomy and a longer life for batteries. 


The machine is equipped with RS232 communication port and an optional RS485 connection with converter, in addition to the total control through the microprocessor. It also features a LAN / wire filter.

For its dedicated applications, it is made with high quality electronic components.

The DRU responds in a simple and functional way to the need of continuity within control and automation equipment, multimedia totems such as cash and parking automation.

Besides, the metal chassis makes the DRU a product that is particularly immune to interference. 


Thanks to the DIN rail connection, DRU can be easily installed in electric boards, cabinets and containers.

Inside batteries are easily accessible and replaceable and they complete a product that is immediately usable and can be inserted between the main power and the load to feed and protect.
All connections are placed on terminal block (input and output).

There is also a remote on / off contact that is essential to handle the shutdown of the device without involving the batteries risking to damage them in the long run.
These features make the DRU easy to install and to use and also an extremely functional tool in all automation applications.

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