Welcome to NPS Daniel Sargent

Daniel Sargent, former Vertiv veteran for 14 years, has joined NPS as its new Business Development Manager for Enterprise clients in New South Wales. In his previous role Daniel was head of the Channel Partner program for Vertiv looking after key Mechanical & Electrical Contractors and partners across ANZ.

With a history of running IT & Operations departments , Systems design , Data Analytics and Project Management for various global companies in both the UK and Australia, Daniel made a career change to a sales role and was promoted to National Channel Partner Manager in 2012 with the responsibility of establishing and meeting the demands and needs of key Mechanical and Electrical Partners across ANZ. Daniel has strong capabilities across both IT and Facilities bringing NPS a wealth of  experience and  knowledge across the mid-market enterprise.

“The Data center industry is a changing dynamic environment where  IT Managers & Facility managers are challenged with the many options available to them, but lack the knowledge and confidence to read and implement the right solution with the right justification for their business. The opportunity with NPS allows me to finally harness my skills as an IT / Operations Manager and the skills I have learnt as a global critical infrastructure vendor to have a discussion with the end client  and leverage the increasing demands of digital Transformation for both on-premise and off-premise critical infrastructure.” Says Daniel

NPS were recently received the “Best Eaton Partner 2019” award at the inaugural Eaton channel Summit in Coogee and can provide critical infrastructure solutions leveraging the best of all the Critical vendors offerings for the benefit of the End Client.

“In todays world the new generation of IT and Facilities people have no comprehension of downtime or slow responses. They are in an “Always on” environment where if the apps do not work cohesively together they will not use it. Think of the Data center as your Android mobile phone. If your email app does not talk to your CRM app, and your CRM does not talk to your Social media platform, then they will find a way to make it work or find an alternative solution. To this generation, Critical Power is a boring subject but a must have, and leading critical vendors are now making power sexy for the IT / Facilities staff through deep integration with core IT Infrastructure platforms such as VMWare, vSphere, HPE Openview to influence their choices.”

“Eaton recently launched its suite of Critical monitoring apps and have taken the leading role of integrating these solutions with leading IT infrastructure vendors making monitoring power a seamless and integrated experience with monitoring and managing of Storage, Compute and capacity platforms. APC by Schneider recently unveiled its EcoStruxure platform that provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) to drive the data center and edge services again making it seamless between critical power and IT Infrastructure in an “Always On” connected world” Says Daniel.