Vaccine Protection Solutions

The vaccine roll-out will be available at many GP respiratory clinics and General Practices. Other planned locations include workplace vaccination sites and select community pharmacies, Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Centres, and state-run vaccination clinics.

All these locations will have their own individual needs and logistical demands, and with the new vaccines requiring storage at extremely low temperatures, maintaining the consistent temperature ranges of freezer and refrigerator units will be essential.

The correct UPS units will deliver clean, safe regulated power to protect your precious covid vaccine and safeguard your critical data from any abnormal power disturbances.

Things to consider when choosing a UPS include. Will the unit fit the floorspace required? is it easy to set up and install? will it damage the batteries or the freezer’s delicate control system?

Other requirements to consider …

  • Choosing the correct kVA
  • Instant switchover to battery power
  • Backup supply time required
  • Built-in alarms
  • Self-maintaining
  • Power factor improvement
  • Suitability for powering electric motors

With over 25 years of experience, NPS specialise in selection, design, and installation and can help you with your vaccine protection solutions.