Surge and Lightning Protection: A valuable part of your power protection solution.

A surge is a transient electrical fluctuation that happens in a fraction of a second and can cause serious damage to electronic and electro mechanical equipment.

They can be caused by lightning strikes, substation issues, environmental problems and local power utility company “spikes” which can enter your business network through the electrical system.

Soft-wired  Surge Filters

Many people believe the most important issue is power loss or blackouts, yet the truth is that the majority of power faults are caused by power surges or noise transients.

NPS provide a range of surge power filters for all applications with surge ratings of 6,500 amp (typically used to protect a notebooks or work stations) all the way up to 66,000 amp (typically used to protect a series of ups or high end electrical equipment.

Hardwired Surge Filter

Since surge filters are connected in series, they must be suitably rated to carry the amount of electrical current that your equipment is using.

NPS provide a range of surge filters with load ratings from as low as 3 amp (typically used to protect a computer or a PLC) all the way up to 2000 amp (typically used to protect an entire installation. The cost and size of surge filters changes depending upon the load current rating.

NPS stock NPS10amp, NPS16amp, and NPS40 amp. These are suitable to partner and protect load and UPS system.

NPS have a range of industrial Surge Power Filters. The 10 and 16 amp Power Filters provides robust Surge and lightning protection for electronic equipment.


  • Surge protection and EMI/RFI filter
  • 40kA Imax L-N. 60kA all modes
  • 3 stage, 3 mode protection
  • LC filter network
  • Rugged IP24 enclosure
  • 10A and 16A versions
  • IEC input and output
  • 2 part display

This device is particularly suitable for use with plug in UPS systems, servers, instrumentation, POS systems, specialised industrial and commercial portable equipment where a high degree of protection is required on mission critical applications in harsh electrical environments. This device is not intended for general domestic use. Contact us or enquire online to order yours.