New Product from NPS – Industrial Surge Filters

NPS has released a new range of industrial Surge Power Filters. The 10 and 16 amp Power Filters provides robust Surge and lightning protection for electronic equipment.


  • Surge protection and EMI/RFI filter
  • 40kA Imax L-N. 60kA all modes
  • 3 stage, 3 mode protection
  • LC filter network
  • Rugged IP24 enclosure
  • 10A and 16A versions
  • IEC input and output
  • 2 part display

This device is particularly suitable for use with plug in UPS systems, servers, instrumentation, POS systems, specialised industrial and commercial portable equipment where a high degree of protection is required on mission critical applications in harsh electrical environments. This device is not intended for general domestic use.

For more, please download the product brochure here.